the VLLM club Welcomes you to LAVENO

We are here to assist you!!

On this page, you will find the most important information you should be aware of for safely flying in Laveno Mombello while respecting the site and the club’s efforts. We are extremely proud you have chosen this location to make memories and spend quality time in the beautiful surroundings. You are in the Lake Maggiore area, a stunning part of Italy that has got so much to offer. When it comes to flying please follow the indication on this page. Enjoy your stay!

Please support us to keep take off and landing areas in good order

General Information

Emergency Services

Police 112, Rescue 118 and Fire 115

Use the contact page to report accidents or issues.

No Fly zones

Laveno area is luckyly not restricted but it neighbours Lugano and Malpensa CTR. Here you can check all the restritctions.

Where to Stay

Beside more traditional accomodation options you camp at Icaro’s camping spot. Details here.

How to reach the take off?

There is a private shuttle service. Please contact the club via the dedicated page.

Tandem flights

It is definitly possible. Instructions from the contact page.

Support us

Club memership fees are mainly spent in keeping the take off and landing area organized. Would be great to get your support as well. We do support paypal donations.